Tuesday, April 20, 2010


sometimes when you see celebs they are wearing looks that are strictly for the red carpet or a photoshoot. not these: they are so lovely i want to wear them all. if only i had somewhere to go in them! check it out...
except this...of course
oh rihanna, what would we do without you...this is a prime example of what you would never wear if you weren't a celeb, or i guess if you weren't rihanna

kerry washington always seems to be featured in fashion mags. this silhouette seems like it would be so flattering- not too clingy and a good length for us short girls. the watercolor/art look is supposed to be hot this season!

perfect everyday outfit-i seriously need to wear this getup one day-time to go shopping!

to a party or dinner (only the top underneath would have to be a little longer)

i love this so much: the color, the belt, the assymetrical drapeyness

via instyle

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