Friday, April 9, 2010

obsession: interior design

i have had a recent obsession with interior design...with my imaginary home. here's the deal: we put our condo in the city on the market roughly two months ago and i am very anxious to move. you would be anxious to move too if you had been waiting to move since 2006! i am so excited that we have decided to make the move to the SUBURBS! now we just need someone to buy our condo...any takers?

i find myself looking through tons of design blogs and taking notes for my home- as if we will be moving next week. i am currently obsessed, in particular, with one house. it is not the largest, nor in the best shape, but that is right up my alley. i love to be able to choose the floors, light fixtures, countertops etc. i have already re-designed the house in my head and it is fabulous!

note: i am obsessed with this house but only in my dreams-i wish we could afford something like this.


  1. moving and renovating yourself (or planning the rooms) is so much fun, and so rewarding! good luck on getting your condo sold, and thanks for entering my giveaway! good luck!

  2. If you dream big, your dream is bound to happen in a way that you never thought that it was possible, and as you dream than thank God for giving you such a brain to even think that way.I know soon you will sell your condo and make all that true.