Friday, June 11, 2010

to romper or not?

what do you think about rompers...i think if done right they can look really cute.  and if you think about it, {+}super easy to get dressed, {-}super annoying when going to the bathroom

the sunglasses are ruining it for me

eww, gross and wasted

super cute with the blazer
she looks smokin' hot {definitely my favorite look}

not familiar with her, but she is rocking those shoes!

like it but no to the tights

nicole actually in something besides a hippie dress, wow-she looks good

season 4 of satc way before it was in to wear a romper, wearing claude pierlot

wearing karina grimaldi as a cover up

kristin cavalarri

no, this is not an old photo of from the 80's

i think i would actually wear this with a jacket

and this also


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes to rompers!! I bought two fabulous pairs from F21 last season and I'm just dying to wear them!!

  2. been there done these. I use to love the rompers, these are very cute, when you get to be my age then you leave the rompers for the younger ones. or with better body.

  3. yes love it when it is done right!

  4. i say, always a no. But then again, i'm a little more boom boomlicious than you are.

  5. ahah, so funny i wrote a post on this per my friends request a couple months ago [] but i love how you did this. i really have come around to around to rompers. the only reason i haven't invested in more is because i can't wear them to work--and i really like my wardrobe to versatile. but really, what better to wear on a hot, & windy day?? urban has soo many amazing ones right now!

  6. I've seen quite a few bloggers post about this same topic! Romper or not? Well, I think it truly depends, like so many things in life. I bought one from Target for about $20 and it was really something I'm glad I bought. It's good for pulling off the 'cute' look at the same time as being versatile and good for messing around outside in the sun.

    I also wanted to stop by to say thanks for giving me your advice on what to do with my job situation! I think I have made a decision.

  7. Honestly, I don't know how I feel! I love the ease of just throwing one on and going, but I sorta wish they would just connect the bottoms and make a dress.

  8. I think I'm going to have to try one on and see what it looks like on me before i can decide - some people really manage to pull them off! And what an easy way to throw an outfit together!