Thursday, June 3, 2010

tufted goodness

this is my kind of house-a little bit of tufted magic in every room.  and if the tufted pieces weren't enough...

how nice would it be to have this in your foyer...or to have a foyer big enough to fit it

the colors she used are amazing

great wallpaper choices

who doesn't want a ostrich-embossed vinyl breakfast banquette

the hot pink chairs are a lovely compliment to the zebra rug

a lovely end to this home tour from the lovely melissa warner

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  1. Love this space! All the tufts are simply divine!

  2. oh the last picture is my fave! I love pops of pink especially peonies!

  3. Love them too - you are on a roll with all my favorites!

  4. I've always wanted a velvet tufted headboard. Sigh. And those orange chairs...OMG...They're just beautiful!

  5. mmm... i dig that banquette! the perfect place to brunch with a pretty baby. :)

  6. ever since visiting versailles, i cant get enough of big, tufted multicolored chairs. i love it!

  7. I'm totally in love with this one Alison. Especially the bedrooms headboard & the white banquette... love love love!!