Wednesday, June 30, 2010

seeing double

i'll admit it, i've never thought to place a pair of coffee tables in my living room.  apparently this amazing designer does it all the time and now i know why.  they look perfect in every one of these rooms and all of these rooms are amazingly gorgeous.  think about it:  if you love it so much, why not buy two-it's as simple as that.  what a great new way to add a layering element, no?

all images via campion platt


  1. I love the second room it is me and my colors I love it. Ya that is a good idea to have two tables.

  2. Such a great look. It's a perfect way to make a large room feel more casual and welcoming.

  3. Yes they do look great in every room! Great idea!

  4. oh if only i had the room! i was thinking about doing that before with two small square ikea ones, that's a big thing too on these design blogs! who knows.

    p.s. thanks for the jumpsuit-sighting-notice! haha. i think i could dig it in a solid with a blazer, but some of these prints, omg! i think its hard to pull off if you're petite especially!