Thursday, June 10, 2010

ikea, once again

i went to ikea the other day and picked up a few things, nothing major.  i did buy a $30 throw for the couch in the family room. 
here's what it looked like before:
and after:
i know, the change is minimal, but it gives the couch more texture and the white really pops against the dark brownish/eggplant color.  i think i am going to add a monglolian lamb pillow from west elm to add a little something more.

here are a couple pieces that caught my eye:

this would look good if the top was painted a creamy white
and accessorized with a collection of modern pottery

modern armoir, reminds me of the modern danish cribs below (not at ikea)
didn't realize they had a cowhide until a couple weeks ago-this is a must in my new home

kind of like this coffee table, but unsure

how cute would these be in a kid's room

i like the idea of this tray top table, like the one in ellen pompeo's house.  you could just do a coat of  distressed bronze on the top. well, kind of like ellen's...

via elledecor


  1. Love that cowhide! And That blanket does make it more cozy! Can't wait to see if you get those pillows! Love em

  2. Those lamps are AWESOME!

  3. Great choice with the white! It looks great with the dark couch!

  4. i love your couch! where is it from? and that little alcove/window area!

  5. thanks nyc lu, my couch is from dania, i'm not sure if it they have stores outside of the chicagoland area?

  6. I love your new throw! The pop of white adds so much!! I try to do that too. My house is all tans and browns and I'll throw in something white and it's amazing how it pops!

  7. I keep telling myself I need to get there soon to pick up some accessories and color on the cheap - I keep putting it off - this post might be the push I need!