Tuesday, June 29, 2010

adler + doonan

i was roaming through the pages of shelter pop and came across jonathan adler and simon doonan's shelter island home.  i was super excited to see what the very creative and talented couple had in store for us.  i am a huge fan of jonathan adler and couldn't wait to click on the link...sorry to say i was not impressed.  i know i'm not in the best mood today, so is that playing with my reaction?  this was just too much for me- i like many of the pieces separately but, i don't know.  what do you think?  total bust for me.  to check out the rest of the home go here.

don't get me wrong:  i love the chair, pillows, mirror, table and orange console, but collectively, not working for me, maybe i'm over-stimulated. 

via shelter pop


  1. oof, i know what you mean. its like they were trying a little too hard to be quirky--it kind of looks like a kids house!

  2. I kind of dig the whole place!

  3. What a 5 year put this together Wow it is like someone a timer on and were suppose to do this in 30 mins. WOW it almost gave me head-ache