Wednesday, June 9, 2010

white jeans: the end of my big break

yes, these white jeans in particular, the gap skinny crop and roll

so, i went to the nate berkus show as i told you monday night.  it was at the harpo studios in
the west loop {chicago}. 
after the 1.5 hour drive into the city-i had to drop my son off at my mom's in the burbs and then come back out to the city-i know, i'm a trooper-
and the 45ish minute wait in the line to get into the waiting area i had to go to the bathroom of course. 
not a second after i walk out of the bathroom, i have two women in front of me greeting me. 
i was all:  do i know them?  i think they were production assistants.  they were asking me questions like: 
are you a big nate berkus fan? what would you ask him if you met him?  am i a real housewives fan?  who's my fav housewife in ny?  what's my name/phone#?  seriously 20 questions.
then they took a pic of me and said they were going to show it to nate and the producer and they would come get me if they needed me.  they asked if i wanted to participate in the taping and do some sort of "price is right" type skit.  i agreed.
10 minutes later, they came to get me, i met with the producer who was scanning me from head to toe
while asking questions.  she was explaining how they possibly wanted me to play a part in a segment. 
then she looks at me again and goes:  "your kinda young old are you?"  weird!  i told her 29
 (i don't think that's really young
then she said,
"oh, you have white pants on...they don't film well. just so you know, never wear white pants on t.v." 
then she looks at me again asks the other producer about the white pants (he says they are fine)
and then mentions the white pants another 10 times in the 5 minutes i am in the studio with them.
needless to say, i didn't make the cut, a more mature women in denim was the person they went with
she was probably 33 at the most
in the end, i was glad i wasn't picked, i get too nervous about stuff like that
(i would have probably had serious stomach issues the entire afternoon)
good thing i wore those white jeans ;)
there's my adventure at the nate berkus show test taping.  they begin taping the official season in
september in new york.
nate was super nice, super cute and did a great job, although you could tell he was a little new (he is)
oh, btw bethenny from rhony made an appearance for a segment.
she was super skinny and only had her baby 4 weeks ago.  she had us cracking up- she's hilarious...
i love her.
she gave the entire audience her audio book the skinnygirl rules


  1. im actually looking for the perf. pair of white jeans! haha. i get really nervous about that stuff too, so i'll make sure to wear them during future camera-possible-opps.

    i also looove bethenny. are you going to watch bethenny getting married tomorrow?

  2. How fun! ...but how dare you wear white pants ;).

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  4. You are too funny girl! This was a wonderful account of our adventure... never a dull moment with your favorite chicks!!!

  5. Um don't you know that red and blue read best on tv? =) Bethenny is hilarious. Sounds like it was worth the trek to the burbs and back.

  6. sounds so cool! i wold've taken the white jeans off and been like, "uh, is it okay if i just go like this?" lol. i love nate and can't wait to see his show in september.

  7. you are hilarious. i love this story! :) so close to stardom!!

  8. All I have to say is THAT'S my lil GIRL. I would've done the samething that Dayka, said took off my pants and said would this work. Love it.

  9. Did you go on Tuesday or Wednesday?! I was there on Tuesday. I had a good time - although it was a long day! I also thought Bethany was freaking hilarious!

  10. I wish Bethanny would come to the taping tomorrow- I love her!!

    Oh, and no white jeans- thanks for the reminder :)