Monday, January 31, 2011

graham & green

how would you like waking up in this bed every morning?
i'd feel like a million bucks!
it's one of those pieces that would make you smile every time you looked at it, right?!

graham and green is a unique site with stunning pieces like the above bed and this armoire
if the first bed was a little too luxe, this is a toned down version
check out that rug, its a reindeer rug.  {makes me a bit sad, but it's so pretty}

and they also have whimsical items, like this cute chandelier--
for a little girl's room maybe?

and how cool is this, an inflatable chesterfield!


  1. such great finds! that chandelier is SO fun!
    and an inflatable chesterfield?! get out of here! if i knew my kids weren't going to pop it within 10 minutes of purchase, i would be SO tempted....

  2. The beds are so amazing. I would love to get a chance to sleep in that :o)

  3. love the whimsical bird chandelier - would be nice for a nursery.

  4. I fell in love with a chair from Graham & Greene a while back but at the time they weren't shipping to the US. Is that not the case anymore?!?!

  5. Wow thank you for the introduction. Their stuff is gorgeous!