Monday, January 3, 2011

dining room...finally!

have you ever had a design concept in your head, then when you go to plan it on paper- or in my case the item arrives at your house- you look at it, scrunch your nose, and say that's not what i really wanted.

well, that is the story of my dining room.  finally, we finished it and i couldn't be more happy with the outcome. 

here is a re-cap of what i thought i wanted:

not sure what i was thinking here...
this was the big mistake i made
where i actually bought this table and hated it in my house
i have always loved this look, but it just doesn't fit my home's style
vincent wolfe

and my all time favorite!
sarah dorio via made by girl

so as you can see, i've been all over the place, and now i have finally settled on this:

 we painted the walls and
purchased the table from crate and barrel outlet

and here's a reminder of what my ebay chairs looked like upon arrival to my house

my husband was my hero and painted them in 20 and 30 degree weather
 and i re-upholstered them, making sure to center the beautiful pattern.
i got this fabric at crate and barrel outlet and i'm so glad i did!

isn't it funny how 40 people coming to your house motivates you to get some of your to-do list items on your to-done list!  we had a family party on saturday to celebrate the new year and i'm glad we got this dining room done.  we definitely needed all the addtional seating we could get!

i hope you all had a wonderful start to the new year!


  1. Looks great! Love the fabric on the chairs and how the chairs work with the table. Doesn't it feel so good to finish a project?

  2. I hate that feeling of thinking you know what you want and then suddenly its a disaster! You're end result turned out gorgeous! Great job on the chairs! xoxo

  3. i know the feeling, i wanted a coffee table and tv console... loved them in the store, and hated them when i got home..good thing i was able to return them! anyways, the rooms looks fabulous! great job! xo

  4. bravo, ali!! You and the h did awesome! I totally know how you feel ...the table dilemma...sometimes it takes you seeing something in person to decide's all part of the wonderful creative process, right? ;) Happy New Year!

  5. It looks wonderful! We're currently looking for a dining table and chairs, this has inspired me so much! You did such a great job!

  6. gorgeous! Great job. I wish we had a crate and barrel outlet up here!

  7. In person It even looks prettier then on this blog.(pics) did a wonderful, beautiful job alot of credit goes to the hubby. Great job.I love it :D

  8. What a great job! I am obsessed with the Crate and Barrel Outlet hehe... I love the color on the walls! Do you remember what its called??

  9. It looks amazing! I like that table much better too! The chairs are so chic, can't believe what paint and upholstery can do. Great job!

    Janice (Couture and Crayons)

  10. thanks for all of your comments!
    gina, the color we used is valspar primer and paint in one color matched to benjamin moore, baltic gray.

  11. The chairs look great! What a nice job you did. I'm a first time reader by the way! Love your blog so far. I can't wait to see what else you do.

  12. Wow...I am so glad you kept working at that room because you got it right now!! Love the chairs with the table. Thanks for your comments on my know it is never finished though......

  13. simply amazing! I love everything about this post and I love seeing how your home is coming together. Happy New Year!!

  14. I've come back to this post b/c I've been contemplating purchasing some old chairs to repaint and reupholster them. Can you tell me how you or your husband (under your direction of course) went about repainting the chairs? Do you have to sand down every inch of the chair? I would imagine that spray painting would give it a more even coat. Any advise to would be wonderful.



  15. Hey Janice!
    We didn't sand them a bit. First I was kind of scared to sand them seeing how old they are-who knows what kind of stain they used. I wiped down the wood with a vinegar and water mixture. After letting them dry, my husband spray-primed them and then spray painted them with a few coats of paint. So much easier than with a paintbrush and from my experience a much smoother finish. Good luck!