Wednesday, January 19, 2011

keep your head up

good room designs start from the top and finish at the bottom, leaving no details untouched.
isn't the dark molding fantastic in this room!
here's a different view.  it really shows off the architectural detail and sets the mood for the room.
and this cute nursery. vibrant as it can be.

here's a shot of the mural on the ceiling.  now, i'm not a mural's #1 fan, but this is cute for a nursery.
especially with that light fixture.
do you like the wood paneled ceiling that mirrors the floors?
what a great way to bring light into this dark kitchen.  what a unique home!
so remember, keep your head up. you never know what you might see!
1,2,3,4 color theory
5 urban dwellings
6 decor pad


  1. I love the black trim but I love the nursery it is so so beautiful :)

  2. the skylight over the dining table is stunning. Imagine if it rains and standing under that? It must be total zen. (or am i the only one that loves that kind of thing!?)

  3. i agree with the comment above i love the black trims so very smart , and the wooden floors.
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