Tuesday, January 11, 2011

in the neighborhood

i had to go to a dr.'s appointment about 25 minutes east of my house.
so after the appointment this modern house caught my eye.
so i did what anyone else would do, i took a picture and drove around the neighborhood
for more amazing and eclectic homes!

this house was the type that is narrow in width, but boy was this house long.
it went on forever!  and the detail on the right side of the house was gorgeous. 

this was the side of the house.  it is on a corner lot and was very pretty both front and side views

 new construction, i don't think they are quite finished
 and this beauty was sitting on top of a large hill.
i love these suburban neighborhoods that have unique, custom homes
as well as a nice wooded, hilly area.  it almost feels like you aren't right in the middle
of the "land of flat."
those of you from either coasts may not appreciate the hills and winding roads that you may have.
here in the midwest, it's pretty much one level with the exception of a few choice neighborhoods.


  1. Love that last home... oh, to have a French chateau style home would be wonderful! Thanks for stopping by Inspired Design! I am now following you. Did you see I have a Sur la table giveaway going on? xo

  2. WOW love them all :)

  3. WOW! Love them all! A girl can dream right :)

  4. WOW! They are all amazing!

  5. That farm house with the wrap around porch is perfect. Great pics!

  6. Amazing all of them! Love the varied architecture and how they're all so different from one another.

  7. love them all and love that you took photos of them. I hate neighborhoods with cookie cutter homes...these homes have so much character and personality.

  8. gorgeous! love the last two! and i agree with style'n.. i HATE cookie cutter home!!! xo