Friday, February 4, 2011

Boston Trip: Puma

the plan was to go to boston for an overnight trip for work to attend a training seminar.
well, we ended up completing the training semiar on time

the entrance to the puma showroom

 however the weather all across the country was not on our side
 we were stuck in boston for an extra 2 1/2 days, due to the loads of snow in boston as well as chicago
lounge area/ waiting room

 the silver lining:  i met some great friends

 sidenote:  don't you love these floors.  i've admired them before at a tile store and seeing them all laid out made me like them more.  they are a brushed metallic finish.
 silver lining no. 2:  i was able to enjoy the excellent cuisine that boston has to offer.
i've never had so much seafood in my life!  and it was GOOD.  from clam chowder and crab bisque to
seabass with lobster ravioli, let's just say i was in heaven- and probably gained an extra 10 lbs.
they have a category in their line:  motorsport which offers authentic
ferarri and ducati racing designs, hence the scooters.

 i was also able to shop on newberry, a cute street with fabulous shops. luckily, we stayed
in the downtown area at the lenox hotel
so we were conveniently located to all the restaurants and shopping.  
 overall, it was a drag to get stuck away from my family but we definitely made the best of it!
i like to say it was a 'forced vacation' with new friends!
stylish lunch room, right!

stay tuned monday for a recap of the lenox- the original boutique hotel.

all photos via me


  1. It's goodl to get a trip sometimes we don't know but we need that needed vaca. and good to look at things in a postive way. Waiting to see the pics. of boutique hotel.

  2. Looks like you had fun in Boston. We did get a ton of snow.

  3. Alison-you should have gotten in touch with me-I could have met you on Newbury Street! Funny...just recently met a friend of a friend who is doing Marketing for Puma in Boston.