Friday, February 25, 2011

not PINK

i like the idea of not using the standard pink or purple for a little girl's room.
here are a couple super cute and still 'girly' rooms without using pink as the main color.

love the pop of b&w

the use of bright white as a background really balance the bright colors

i am in LOVE with this room
the headboards, dual chandeliers and the bedskirts!

what i love about this room is the neutral pallette with touches of
rich jewel toned accessories. it's soothing to the eye without being the least bit boring or predictable.

these are some of my color inspirations for the nursery.  i kow, such a change from my first set of inspiration photos, but i think this is more up my alley, especially the last two rooms. 
what do you think?  or are you a pink kinda girl?

via decor pad


  1. Great direction, taking the same one with my own daughter's room, (well she is 11, so she is really driving this ship!):)

  2. lovely. Recreated my own tweens room in lime green. Love the non-pink girlie room.

  3. I still love pink and use it in my own home!

  4. OMG love these rooms and love the color of that Madeline rug in the last picture. So we did Ariyana's room pink but I incorporated a light/lime green and brown too so it wasn't too girly. I can't wait to see what you do.

  5. I am a pink girl but I like the way these rooms look without it. They still seem girly to me :o)

  6. I just love white with all the pop's of color. I think your nursey will be absoutely gorgeous with any of these as inspiration and def a 2011 baby!!

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLIfe

  7. i couldn't agree with you more -- love these photos! happy weekend!