Monday, February 14, 2011

grammys: the best and not so much

here are some pictures i was able to gather from the 53rd Grammys:
some good and mostly bad
check it out-

not so much:  loved the hair,
but the dress reminded me of a bunch of little plastic leis


one of the best:  loved this pattern and cut on her, fabulous!
julianne hough

not so much:  not appropriate for the grammys and just a little 'off'

jordan sparks

not so much:  she could have done soooo much better and those shoes kill it for me
kim kardashian

not so much:  love the make up and hair pulled back
but the dress is too much everywhere. 
the length is good but the top is just too ruffley and full for her petite self. 

eva longoria

so, all in all, it wasn't a very fashion successful red carpet.  i guess julianne wins my vote for best dressed!
i did love the first performance-
which was a tribute to aretha franklin. 
those ladies really sang their hearts out!

happy valentine's day!


  1. AGREED ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!! I too gave my grades :) U were ALOT nicer than me Giggles! I was soooo disappointed in Rihanna!!!! O M G and Kim's shoes.... y would she pair those shoes with that dress?? an all black ensemble okay i'l give her that.. and i mean a sharp tailored suit or form fitting skirt and blouse but with that gown.. noooooooo LOL
    O BTW..
    Happy Love Day my love!

  2. i was not a fan of rihanna's either!! and i agree, i was pretty disappointed with most of the dresses!

  3. I agree with all of them EXCEPT Eva... I absolutely loved her dress, in fact she was one of my best dressed. Now Jordan Sparks looks like she's wearing some ghetto prom dress that "the dress lady" on the westside made in a week off a Butterick pattern.

    Love ya mama!