Thursday, February 17, 2011

modern dose for your thursday

some days i like old historic homes
and other days-modern

sleek and clean, how a kitchen should be

what a great feeling for a kitchen, it's like your outdoors with all the beautiful windows
LOVE this staircase!

even if it may be too modern to live in for everyday life-it's always fun to look at, no?


  1. agreed - i think my fave part is how open and airy it feels. was just telling my landlord i think i need a place with more natural light. oy

  2. yup, a little too modern for me -- but nice to look at!

  3. I agree-I like both looks. I like this one and I am huge fan of lofts but I think I might need a rug or something to add a bit of warmth.

  4. Agree! I think I love the mixture of both. Not too trad, but not too modern either!