Thursday, December 2, 2010

stay here: seven hotel, paris

i'm pretty impressed with this hotel in paris.
{the only thing i don't care for is
the fiber-optic lights used quite frequently...}
i wonder if the floor is like walking on a pillow top mattress?
pretty dreamy, huh?
see, this room would be perfect without the bomchickawawa lights
check out the tree-stump leg side tables,
i'd have to make sure to bring my extra large suitecase with me.
i'm sure they wouldn't notice with all the lights blinding them.
and who cares about a cowhide rug,
the cowhide tub is where it's at!
seven hotel


  1. Love this place Alison!!! You know I long to go to Paris... I will be staying in this hotel... thanks mama!

  2. Yeah those lights are a little freaky! Love that striking blue door and cowhide hide rug. wowza!

  3. interesting place! thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  4. Yes please to Paris and yes please to this gorge hotel.

  5. Wow lovin the cowhide bathtub!