Monday, December 20, 2010

i need to do this!

this is one of the cutest and probably easiest
"bulletin boards" to diy.
 i just have to find the perfect frame.
and while i'm showing this great inspirational photo,
shannon at what's up whimsy {where i got this photo from}
has recently done a great series of wish lists from fellow bloggers.

she recently featured mine, so check it out and her fabulous blog!


  1. I know eh!! My Mom was really inspired by this photo and she is about to do it for her spare bedroom. I think the best part would be choosing all the fun ribbons!

  2. I'm loving it! I truly believe your collected inspiration should be out for all to see especially when it looks good this! What good does it to do hidden in a shoebox under you bed! p.s. Alison, you've been around since the beginning and I'm having a super fun Kate Spade giveaway just for my fabulous followers like you that I thought you might be interested in ;)

  3. yes. its super cute. great idea. ;)
    have a merry christmas doll. xo

  4. AMAZING......I'm loving all the yellow touches in the photo.