Friday, December 17, 2010


you know when you've said something for so long, like
 "i really don't like decorating with blue"
you totally write off anything in that spectrum.

well, today is a new day friends. 
here are two rooms done in blue that are to-die-for.

what do you think, have you crossed over?

and this, so luxe and fab!
they used blue as more of a neutral and i'm lovin it!!
windsor smith via digging decor


  1. The rooms are fab and I looove the stencil thing you did on your walls. I'm still not sure what you should do a tutorial!


  2. I've never liked blue in rooms either, but I'm slowly starting to see images that are changing my mind...including these two!


  3. Like mother like daughter. I have never ever liked color blue either except for Blue eyes on men but first room is fab. that's because it has lots of my fav. color green.

  4. I used to say that about blue, but about 5 years ago I crossed over and never looked back!

  5. Blue and chartreuse and so fresh and delightful together! It's all about how its paired.

  6. i have totally crossed over too. in fact, i just painted a room in my house blue. it's a nice, dusky blue and it's really baeutiful!